What is Ocunaut?

Ocunaut is a combination of a virtual reality headset and software for post-eye-straightening-surgery vision rehabilitation.

Within five minutes it can identify if there is a chance we can help a patient. You provide them with our take-home kit which they use for fifteen minutes a day.

  • Offer patients cutting-edge technology
  • Boost the value of straightening surgery
  • No additional work or cost for your office

Free Kits for Pioneers

Are you an Ophthalmological Pioneer? We are offering free starter kits to the first twenty participant Ophthalmologists.

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Our Approach

With a simple five minute assessment at your clinic, Ocunaut determines whether or not there is a chance we can help that particular patient help train themselves.

Promising patients may take the kit home for a week for further exploration. In this time, if we do not see progress with perfectly straightening eyes, we block further training.

If we see the progress we expect over the next week, we offer the patient the chance to continue to a six month training course.

All progress metrics are made graphically available for you to observe.

Break Suppression

First we assess different approaches to suppression breaking (promoting biocular vision).

Achieve Fusion

After breaking suppression, we compensate for eye misalignment and assess the patient's ability to fuse (binocular vision).


We are then in a position to trigger subconscious eye straightening while maintaining fusion. We use eye tracking to provide objective measurement.


Your time is too valuable to waste. We are here to support you.

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Probably the best value post surgical at-home training solution anywhere in the world!


Pioneer post surgical vision rehabilitation using VR.

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